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New Products

Nootropic Stack : Beginner


Description: The Beginner Stack is designed for people seeking a cognitive boost but with a moderate effect. Choline is commonly found in most daily products we consume while huperzine A is a...

Nootropic Stack : Cognitive Boost


Description: The Cognitive Boost Stack has been selected as the ideal solution for those seeking a increase in their cognitive and mental ability. The combination of True Focus, BrainSpeed Memory...

Nootropic Stack : Memory Boost


Description: The Business Stack is carefully designed to assist people in busy and demanding work environments helping them toperform at their best. With the hectic and stressful lives we live, the...

Nootropic Stack : Professional


Description: Based on the Introduction Stack, the Professional Stack has been upgraded to provide steady and stable cognitive performance. The combination of Alpha GPC, Huperzine A and the True Force complex provides an...

Nootropic Stack : Relaxation


Description: The Relaxation Stack is selected to provide a balanced and synergistic stack for improvement and stabilisation of mood. Intended as an alternative to prescription 'numbing' medications, the relaxation stack provides a balanced...

Nootropic Stack : Sleep


Description: The Sleep stack is an effective combination of sleep aiding nootropics that will greatly assist in winding down and falling asleep at the end of a stressful day. 'Switching off'...